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Weekend Cowboy (CD)

Do you Believe in Santa Claus?

by Alex Smith

Released 2008
no bow ties records
Released 2008
no bow ties records
If you love Christmas Music and you are looking for a fresh sound to have for your holidays, get this collection of songs.
Alex Smith is an exceptionally unique artist. Great melodies with clever lyrics combine to make “Do you Believe in Santa Claus?” the most refreshing Christmas Cd in years.
The lyrics of one of his songs, “Merry Christmas” reflects the fact that not many new songs are ever put under the tree. When we do get a new recording it is usually a Christmas album by some famous artist who cuts the same old tunes.
Not the case with this cd. “Elvis Claus”, fly's right at you with an 50’s Rock and Roll grove and just to much fun lyrics about a time when Santa couldn’t make his Christmas Eve run, so he calls on Elvis to drive his sleigh for him.
“Do you Believe in Santa Claus?”, is a totally kid friendly song about believing. Add that to “Christmas Gonna be Great,” and you have a couple of positive songs to lift your sprits in a world, where positive songs can be hard to find.
Showing a more tender side, Smith, added an incredibly beautiful waltz, “Christmas Long Ago,” with poignant lyrics that reflect the past with charming memories and a truly haunting melody.
“Christmas Lullaby”, and “Merry Christmas” are two songs in the Christmas lounge category. A little Perry Como, a dash of Dean Martin and a hint of Andy Williams, can really put you in the holiday mood.
“Christmas at Grandma’s House” and “Santa, I’m Begging You.” round out the cd. Grandma’s house is a fun satyrical look at conversations around the Christmas dinner table and “Santa, I’m Begging You is a story song about a boy that wants a little better Christmas this year.
Smith grew up in Chicago and lives at Lake Tahoe. You can find him preforming at clubs and restaurants in the area along with a wedding dj business.

Check out his first cd, “Weekend Cowboy.” It has some very funny songs and a lot of just good Western Swing tunes.

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