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Thousand Trails Snowflower

Camping Adventure in the Sierras     Thousand Trails Snowflower


Biggest Little City in the World. Reno, NV  Thousand Trails Snowflower. Heading west on Hwy 80 from Reno, NV, I began to climb out of the summer heat. To say Reno can get hot in the summer is an understatement. Cool nights and hot days is pretty much the everyday forecast in Reno, July and Augest. The cool part is the High Sierra Mountains are only a short drive. There can be a 10 to 15 degree difference in temperature depending on how much altitude you gain. I was on my first RV road trip since buying my 2004 Winnie Sunova. It was also the first time I was going to take advantae of my Thousand Trails membership.Thousand Trails Snowflower                                                                                                                   

The Old Hwy 4 route from Donner Lake. Great trip, but do your homework first if you are taking an RV. Pretty narrow and twisty. This was really sizing up to be a fun week of camping for the first time in my life without a tent. I passed through through Truckee, CA and continued to climb enjoying the cooler air until I saw a rest spot in the Soda Springs area. I’m not a experienced RV driver and it’s definetly not like driving a car. For me handling a 32 foot rig takes some concentration. Even though my destination, Snow flower RV Park, was only a two hour drive from home, the rest area was welcome as I was now around 8,000 feet above sea level and the valley heat of Reno was far behind. One of the great things about an RV is when you stop, you have a refigerator and a bed available so eating sleeping or getting a drink is not an issue. Could even grab a quick shower if you have water in the tank. After about 20 mins I was on my way again. Snowflower was about 30 or 40 minutes ahead and I had made my reservations through Thousand Trails, the company I had joined to get bro deals on places to camp in my RV. I was being followed by my brother who also enjoys nature, in my car, I hadn’t bought my car dolly as of yet and I pretty glad of that as it was my first trip of over an hour. Driving without the dolly was challenging enough. I got off 80 at the Yuba Gap exit and was happy to find it was only a short drive to the campground. snowflower2                              

The ranger working the front desk was happy and efficient, checking me quickly. He gave me a little briefing of the rules, which for the most part were simply common sense rules. Within a few minutes I was on my way looking for my campsite. Thousand Trails Snowflower   

Cliff area, paved and open year round.[/caption] It didn’t take long. I decided to pass the Cliffs area, which was all concrete and used a lot in the winter when the parking areas by the lake are closed. I have to admit it was tempting to park there, as it was very close to the very inviteing swimming pool and clubhouse. I wanted to be by the lake so up the road I went. The road was pretty chopped up and needing some what appeared to be pretty expensive repairs, but it was no problem and up I went. I found a nice place to park. It wasn’t fancy, but it had an electric hook up which is all I really needed.  Thousand Trails Snowflower 

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The park had showers and a bathroom which was either a good walk for a short drive depending on how I felt. I’m the type of person that uses the bathroom in my rig only when other options are not available. The campsites are old and not level, but it wasn’t anything extreme so I leveled my rig pretty quickly. I got plugged in and started lunch Lake at Snowflower[/caption] The lake was pretty low as 2015 California was experiencing one of the worst droughts ever. Even it's lovely shade of blue wasn't enough to entice me to swim in it, so the pool was my next stop. The grounds weren’t fancy, but then again neither am I. Mostly I was there to swim, hike, and enjoy the weather all of which were combined to make a relaxing activity full week. Their are many hiking and biking tree filled trails and a few extra lakes destinations.

Their are many hiking and biking tree filled trails and a few extra lakes destinations.

The clubhouse had quite a few games and school was back in California, so the grounds were pretty sparse of kids. Most of the people were like me, retirement age. The only complaint I have is the internet, it was pretty useless, but then again a week without a computer can be a good thing. I did talk to one person working his Version Hot Spot and he said it worked pretty good. The location is offers a peltera of short driving destinations including,  Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Reno, Sacramento, Nevada City, just to name a few. You could even make it to San Francisco or Napa Valley if you wanted. I have lived in this area since 1981 and had visited all the sites many times so I decided to skip the short road trips and just relax. I’m gonna say that the place is not fancy. It’s been there for a while, but it is a awesome experience simply being in the woods and enjoying the venerable amentities. I'm glad I picked Snowblower as my first destination. You won't beat the weather in the Sierra's in the summer, but now that I have an RV with a nice heat source,  I’m even thinking about visiting in the winter. I wouldn't think twice about returning to this tree filled resort that main feature is it's beauty. If you like rustic and don't care about fancy, you'll enjoy your stay at Snowflower.  

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