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Lake of the Springs Thousand Trails

Lake of the Springs - Thousand Trails RV Park

 Muddy by the Lake.                                                                                         Lake of the Springs                                                                       Well I had promised my little 11 year buddy on his birthday last April, that rather then get him a gift, I would take him on an adventure in my RV to Lake of the Springs. So, I bought some kid friendly food loaded up the RV with stuff and us and headed off into a new adventure. We headed off to, Lake of the Springs," RV resort between Marysville and Grass Valley in California. If your not familiar, it's in the foothills north and east of Sacramento in Northern California  I promise you this is one nice park, we had a great adventure. [caption id=align="alignleft" widLake of the Springs                                                                                                                             Good swimming and other lake activities                                                                                                                                                       I joined Thousand Trails RV resorts almost a year ago and as a man who loves to get his value, I decided I better get some more time in one of their parks before my year membership expired. I really wanted to head up highway 80 from where I live, east of Reno, to one of their other resorts, Snowfolwer, as it was to be in the 100s temperature wise for a few days and Snowblower Resort  is at 8000 feet in elevation and was sure to be much cooler than my destination.  Unfortunately it was closed for some repairs so I decided to head on to the lower destination. We breezed through Reno and then up Hwy 80 past Truckee and then even higher into the Sierra Mountains. The temperature dropped to a nice 80 or so, as we passed Snowflower, and I cursed just a little for it being closed, but then realized, things happen. We turned off to the right to a two lane that passed us by the restored ghost town of Nevada City and then passed Grass Valley and turned towards Marysville. If you have never been to Nevada City, it is well worth the stop. Very historic with some fine establishments for food and drink. I had been there many times and didn't want to get caught up on the small streets with my 32 foot rig with car in tow. LS6                                                                                                           We arrived at our destination in the late afternoon and by now it was blistering hot. The lady at the entrance was friendly and I ask if they had pull-through sites and she said, "Yes, campground B." We grabbed a pull through because, I really didn't want to fuss with the car in the heat of the afternoon and me and my little buddy needed to get something to eat. [cLake of the springs Old swimming pool but fun and warm.[/caption] After a bite, we started to explore the campground by foot. First the pool, then the lake and then the clubhouse. All the facilities were old, but well kept and clean. I'm the type of person that usually prefers old, especially if the price is much lower. The pull through was was getting a lot of direct sun, so we decided to relocate in the morning, which we did. We took the car off the toad and back the rig into a nice shady site with a table, hook-up, clean-out and a very old grille for cooking. [caption id="attachment_1778" align="alignright" width="300"]Lake of the Springs. They even have a beach for dogs.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignnone" width="300"]Lake of the Springs We don't fish, but it' there.[/caption] The next three days were all about swimming and using lots of sun screen. The lake was simply beautiful, the swimming pool warm, the store was open and the clubhouse had some diversions in the way of games. It also had a small restaurant, which I did not try, and some planned group activities. My little buddy even told me he got roped in by some grandma types to try line dancing. He said he hated it, but I think he did protest too much. If you enjoy the woods, camping and simply relaxing, Lake of the Springs is a great place to hang out. It's pretty far from any sizable town, so bring plenty of provisions. Also, they advertise WiFi, and you can get it in the clubhouse, but it is so slow I couldn't use it. I have Version and I got enough signal to text most of the time, but not use the phone. The good news is a short drive to the top of the hill by the entrance, I could use my phone and my hotspot for internet. I wouldn't say I would drive really far to visit this campground, but, if you live close or happen to traveling through the area, it is a great place to get away. [caption id="attachment_1773" align="alignnone" width="276"]Lake of the Springs Peace my peeps.[/caption]      

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