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Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma CA

Lagunitas Beer North California

Lagunitas Beer North California

Muddy Drinks Lagunitas[/caption] I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow I like beer, it helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow, Whiskey's too rough, Champagne costs too much, vodka puts my mouth in gear This little refrain should help me explain as a matter of fact I like beer                                                                  Tom T. Hall

Lagunitas Beer North California

I like beer.

Specifically, I like craft beer. I like big fat flavored, bright colored with high alcohol knock your face in the dirt... beer. I am part of the crazy "craft beer" revolution. Some people have been known to call it yuppie beer, but I certainly do not qualify as a "Young Upward Professional, far from it. I struggle to make ends meet, and then some, but always seem to have enough for a few beers most nights. The reason I don't have much bread is many years ago, I took a oath to never hold a job again. I found with or without a job, either way, I never have enough money. Additionally, unless you have my career as an entertainer, you can't drink on the job. To quote W.C. Fields, Work is the curse of the drinking class. Lagunitas Beer North California   

Gift Shop, got have one, great shirts and hats etc.If you disagree with the above paragraph, stop here! Go back to your "low calorie lite I work-out every day taste like crap beer, as opposed to this story about a complex craft beer. Actually to be specific this story is more about a great little side trip in Northern California, in what is known as the wine country, to a, I feel tingly all over, little experience at an upbeat, off the wall, hippie, sort of beer business.Lagunitas Beer Northern California 



Lagunitas Beer, you had me at hello. It was love at first sip, of course not enough love as to never cheat on you with other great craft be but definitely one to enjoy often. It took a little bit of GPSing to find the Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, CA, which is located roughly 1 hour north of San Francisco. I must admit arrival at the brewery seemed a little out of focus. The employees uniforms included tee shirts, jeans, tatoos, long hair, beards, spiked and dyed hair, They were enjoying what appeared to be a free lunch. There was the obligatory gift shop, bar and restaurant with outside seating but what was disturbing to the uninitiated eye was the lack of organization. There was like no like greeter to tell us what was going on. We looked around and there was a chalk board with a vague sign that said, "Beer Tour" at 1 pm and my thinking was, "Oh Geez, all we're gonna have and do here is a stupid tour with some geek explaining the challenges of mixing hops and grains with water in some sort of vessel. Boy was I mistaken. After a few minutes of figuring, should I go or should I stay? ...we were passed by a lovely young lady with unaturally red hair, who asked, "Are you here for the tour?" I said, "yes, I think we are." Then she replied while walking away, "Stay here, I'll be back in a few." I decided to wait, and I'm very happy that I did. Next, a bearded young man with a beer belly to be proud of, came up and ask if we would like to sample a few beers. In return for our endeavor, we would get some beer and a gift. He looked around for a few other guinea pigs, found two more and suggested we follow him. So we did follow him over to the warehouse where they store the beer before shipping. The Bay Area weather was cool and sunny, yet walking into the massive refrigerated store room was a welcome cool down. After being told that the company does a lot of quality control, we were lead into a room with a table featuring three beers and a piece of paper with questions to be answered. I didn't really care for the piece of paper, but when you arrive at a brewery sometimes the desire to have a beer can overtake me, so I happily drank the beer, and then did my best to give my option on the quality. Apparently everyone that takes the survey is considered an expert by the brewery. The one think that kept running through my head in addition to how much I like the samples was, I need to find out how to become a quality control professional. That type of job might even get me off of my oath of never having a job again. Lag2

The Tour Room, Lagunitas Beer North California[/captOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALagunitas Beer Northern California Tasting Room


 When we returned from the quality control tasting, we were given a prize of a free Lagunitas mason type beer mug and were reintroduced to our red headed tour guide. The command "Line up over here." got me thinking about walking through a bunch of tanks and hoses with details of how the brewing process works, maybe a 3 once taste of beer. It also brought up internal dialogue of "I need to get out of here, I got to get to San Francisco, it's Friday, it's getting late, there's gonna be traffic. Well, as usual my infears where wrong and I ended up having the best beer tour of my life. We didn't go through the tank area,  instead we were lead upstairs into the tasting room first.  The room was nicely decorated with unique and weird stuff on the walls and the old second hand furniture was inviting and comfortable. The tour guide said, "We taste first and then if you want to later, we will walk you through the tanks and hoses and stuff for the techie tour, but we want you to enjoy the tour  so first we taste." That was welcome news to me and even more welcome was the fact that it wasn't a short pour tasting.  They generously served five different beer samples with with about 5 oz in each pour. Then came the really fun part. The tasting included the rags to riches story of their owner Tony Magee which were very interesting and given by three personable tour guides, one of which was pretty "Baked" and all talented story tellers. I'm not going to go into the stories, as you should go hear them yourself while you taste the beer. After the tasting, I didn't finish the tour, only the beer and decided that it was getting late and Bay Area traffic can be a little challenging, so I left without the tank tour. Maybe next time. Let me just say, this place has a small concert area, for bigger shows, a small stage in the beer garden for the live music they have everyday. They have food, which I didn't try, and of course world class beer. There employees are happy, because the owner obviously cares about them and they are slightly off center and totally enjoyable. Lagunitas Beer Northern California 

I want to go back soon, maybe I can book a gig there. Ya know, park my 32 foot RV out front, do a show, drink some beer, pass out, I mean get a good night sleep in the RV, the kind of things that I dream about. You may not be interested in all that, however I figure you're interested in having a good time when you travel, so...going to the California Wine Country? after you wine down, try some beer at really upbeat company, or maybe even before wineing up. More info on Lagunitas Click Here: Welcome to Mudville, leave a comment, or share on social media below, sharing is caring. Like me on Facebook: Click Here Subcribe to my youtube channel: Click Here

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