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My Christmas Music

The Christmas Song

by Alex Muddy Smith

Released 2017
No Bow Ties Records
Released 2017
No Bow Ties Records
An upbeat version of "The Christmas Song" preformed in a Latin, Gypsy Jazz style.
I'm still at it. I'm just turned 67 and I'm still out in the restaurants, bars and festivals doing my thing. Bringing a little music love into the lives of the folks that show up.
Could be the last few minutes of a 4 hour single/ guitar doing covers of Sinatra, the Beatles, or Merle Haggard or maybe one of my original tunes. Gotta bring the energy and love. It's my passion and my joy.
Does everyone love my tunes. Not really and I don't expect that, however, I do have over 50,000 hits on my original music on youtube, so I got a figure I have a few fans.
I don't formula anything I write or play. My songs don't follow any pattern. Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Comedy, Christmas. I don't think about writing, I just let it flow from source.
When asked, "What kind of music do you play?" my answer is, "Everything I can."
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