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My Christmas Music

Santa's Still #1

by Alex Muddy Smith

Released 2014
No Bow Ties
Released 2014
No Bow Ties
I write all types of music that feel good and have lyrics with twists.
Muddy grew up in Chicago where he learned to play guitar and played in a high school rock band. His influences were the Beatles, Stones, Motown, and Jazz. During his four years in the Air Force, although he didn't preform, he never lost his passion for music.

While stationed in California he learned to snow ski and became avid skier. So he moved to Lake Tahoe where he resumed his desire to preform music and started working clubs as a single guitar man.

In order to diversify his musical skills, he pursued and earned a BA in music at Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe.

Over the years, Muddy has preformed with Classic Rock, Country, Bluegrass and Jazz bands in the Reno/Tahoe area.

He has also DJed hundreds of weddings.

His main musical passions now are writing and singing songs and playing and singing jazz.

"I love to write lyrics that tell stories and melodies that hopefully have a little something extra for the listener.

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