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Alex muddy Smith

Alex muddy Smith - Bio

To "get to know" Muddy on a more personal level including his favorite books, movies, influences, and his heart-felt personal statement, scroll down to the bottom of this page after reading his bio...


For music fans who love positive, conscious music that inspires, we've found the artist for you. Often described as a singer/songwriter/guitar-man without boundaries, Alex muddy Smith was been awarded Reno Gazette Journal Songwriter honors two years and has been climbing the YouTube hit charts with close to 60,000 hits on his most played song, “Lucy (you got some splanin’) Muddy has preformed at so many events, restaurants, bars and casinos in the Northern Nevada it’s impossible to say. Powerful voice, captivating stage presence, compelling lyrics, and melodies impossible not to sing along to, fans have gravitated to Muddy’s positive vibe and love for life.


Something that makes Muddy so unique is that he is also a motivational speaker who combines his on-stage charisma with his inspiring personal stories, original songs, and acoustic guitar to provide "Keynote Concerts”.


He also is sharing the lessons he has learned in music, vocal training and music business with internet courses and music seminars. 



I”'m still at it. I'm just turned 67 and I'm still out doing my thing with other great musicians and as a solo act doing events and venues with the energy of a younger man. Bringing a little music love into the lives of the folks that show up.”


“Could be the last few minutes of a 4 hour single/ guitar doing covers of Sinatra, the Beatles, or Merle Haggard or maybe one of my original tunes. Gotta bring the energy and love. It's my passion and my joy.”


“Does everyone love my tunes. Not really and I don't expect that, however, I do have over 50,000 hits on my original music on youtube, so I got a figure I have a few fans.” 


“I don't formula anything I write or play. My songs don't follow any pattern. Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Comedy, Christmas.  I don't think about writing, I just let it flow from source.” 


“When asked, "What kind of music do you play?" my answer is, "Everything I can."


Muddy is receiving radio play all over the country and has been featured on some of Northern Nevada and California’s most popular radio stations such as X radio in Reno. In addition to traditional performances, Muddy has embarked on a career performing at many seminars, conferences, colleges, and corporate trainings. You can catch Muddy’s live shows at some of the most popular venues in the Reno/Tahoe area.


With the release of his latest CD  “When My Someday Comes Along” he is establishing himself as a true force in the Indie Artist arena with a talent that is truly living his purpose. You can't help but cheer on this modest, rising star. For more information, booking, or interviews, contact:


Alex muddy Smith




Getting to Know Muddy.



Shawshank Redemption, Grand Torino, What the Bleep Do We Know?, Lonesome Dove, Westside Story, As Good As it Gets, Saving Private Ryan. 



Power Vs. Force, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Power of Now, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Call of the Wild, Of Mice and Men, The Sea Wolf. 



Studying Sining and Music, Baseball, Reading and Documentaries about history. camping, good conversation, Gelato, people watching. 



Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Merle Haggard, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Donald Fagen,  


Favorite quote: 

“Fear is the only thing in the world that gets smaller as you run toward it."


Personal Statement

I live as much as I can in the moment. Musically I love music in the moment, To be able to take what’s in my head and make it work in the form of the song is kind of magic. I really trust that what I am doing is right at that second. 


I choose to live my life from empowerment and self-awareness rather than reactivity, blame, and need. I believe in angels. I believe that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.


"What would love do now?" and then I try to BE that. Judgements are impossible to escape, but can be avoided with practice. When you are in judgement you are not in love.  


I live in gratitude, so thank you for reading this. 



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