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(you got some splanin')

When My Someday Comes Along

Island reggae type tune, dreaming of the future.


Americana love ballad about a man falling in love and not knowing it at the time.

The Doublewide Song

Comedy Americana Song about a man and women's trouble in a doublewide trailer. 

Wish You Were Here

Funny Americana song about a man pining about an old flame. 


Blues tune about the wonders of Bacon.

Share the Light

Gospel type tune.

Where Frogs Have Wings

Reggae Light Love Tune

Rain in my Heart

I Feel Your Heartbeat

Latin Jazz with pining lyrics.

Sure Was Fun

Pop type tune about the 60s hippie era.

Now and Then

Pop Rock Tune

Your Kiss

Upbeat Pop Jazz

My Yesterday is Gone

Fun lyrics in an old time jazz tune

So Long Ago

Julie's Waltz

Mandolin and Guitar Waltz

Drinking Beer and Counting Stars

Americana Tune Pining Love Lyrics

They Say I Kilt Her

Smoking Song

Mexican Waltz. Stay with this one for payoff 1/2 way through.


Pop Rock Tune about, "what else," love.

When a Cowboy's Day is Done

Western Swing

Gonna Walk Away

Americana Tune about...Walking Away

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