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House Concerts

House Concerts

House Concerts



Up Close and Personal

House Concerts

Connecting with his fans is key to Muddy's life and one day he came to realize one major obstacle in connecting with his fans. For most, unless he ha a show in their home town, it’s hard for them to travel to see him live. So, he came up with a solution, House Concerts
House Concerts or Private Concerts
Why is that so great for his fans. Here are a few reasons...
• Muddy comes to you! You host a space for the concert, invite your family and friends, and he shows up with his guitar. It's that simple.
• This is Muddy unplugged at its best which is so much more intimate, personal, and you get to hear all the stories behind all the songs! Plus, forget backstage passes, you get to hang out with Muddy in a more real way!
• Muddy is always creating new songs that his audiences have never even heard yet! This is the best way to hear his latest unreleased songs.

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Mulit-Level Marketers

Do You have a Muli-Level Business and use your home to pitch your product or recruit new members? How cool would it be to have a house concert, just prior to your meeting. It would be great fun and your sales would probably be much higher and that person you've been dying to get into your business would be much more likely to sign up. Having a large regional meeting How about getting Muddy to preform music and do a little motivational speaking. The one thing you have to remember is people don't remember content of a meeting as much as they remember the entire experience. What is better then music. Not only that, but Muddy can also deliver a tune written especially for you or your business. Now, if the people hear the performance and bring home a cd of your music, how powerful is that going to be for your business. Simply drop me an email and we can work out the details. 


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