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What are some ways to get better at strumming the guitar? I already do finger picking.

I would say start by doing 4/4 all down strokes. Use a metronome or simple drum machine setting.

After that I think of strumming as a dance. When you learn to dance, (fast) you probably start simple feeling the groove and then get into it more and more.

Of course, as we know, sometimes people groove a little too hard and start to look a little silly.

So many ways, it becomes impossible to mention all the techniques available, pick-strum, funk, upstrokes etc.

Of course the type of music is so important.

Sometimes I'll hear a guitar player, singer doing the same strum pattern for all the songs they do. If they are an awesome singer, I can listen for a while, but sooner or latter boredom will set in.

Dynamics isn't something a lot of beginners don't consider. Your volume. When singing, play a little softer, than in the non singing parts of the tune turn it up some.

As you play, use emotion and feel, but not to the point that it loses being in time and musical.

Pretty broad question to answer in a few words, hope this helps. Mostly keep at it. Record yourself when possible, seek help when possible, play nice with others, experiment and find your style.

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