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WQBM Radio West Point CA

KQBM Interview

with Brian DeMassey

                                                          KQBM Interview I have often driven the road between San Andreas and Jackson California, however have never taken the right turn onto CA-hwy 26 to West Point. The road was a meandering little piece of asphalt, but was fun to drive and the scenery was filled with trees and architecture from a bygone era. If you're not in a hurry West Point can be an interesting little side trip in the Gold Country of California. According to Wikipedia, West Point was originally the name of a camp established by scout Kit Carson, who was searching for a pass over the Sierra Nevada. The town was originally named Indian Gulch when founded in 1852; the name was changed to West Point in 1854. The first post office was opened in 1856, the name changed to Westpoint in 1895 and changed back to West Point in 1947. The population is listed at 674 by the U.S. government,  but what is not listed is how friendly the folks who reside here are. Of course all the above is simply a side note to my true purpose of visiting West Point. One Giant Radio Station for Mankind, One Small Building for Interviews.  I was to be interviewed by Brian DeMassy on a little indie radio station, KQBM. I've known Brian for quite a while now and find him in addition to being an outstanding guitar picker, a really down-to-earth dude with a great sense of humor, so when he asked me to be interviewed on his show, what else could I say in addition to yes? The interview was a hoot. Brian asked some great questions and simply went right down the path in any direction we traveled. The interview was suppose to be about my new CD, but we ended up having such a great time talking, we almost didn't get to them. As a matter of fact, the interview was scheduled for an hour, but when Brian mentioned that we could continue past that time we both agreed to stretch out and ended up doing over an hour and a half. KQBM Interview Dressed for radio success.KQBM Interview Brian DeMassey interviews Alex muddy Smith at KQBM.                                                       KQBMI could continue to write about the interview, but why? If you are interested in it, why not just listen to it yourself. To hear the KQBM interview... Click Here:  More info on KQBM: Click Here Like me on Facebook: Click Here Listen to my tunes and subscribe to my youtube channel: Click Here Hey Don't Leave without leaving a comment below or sharing on Facebook or Twitter.        

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