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Music and Religion

music religion

How to convert new fans!!!

This is an email I got from one of my music marketing gurus Tiamo.Music and Religion

Like this quote, how bout you?

In the context of religion and spirituality, you may be an atheist, an agnostic, or a believer. Whichever one you are... I want you to know that honor and respect that. And I'm inviting you to think about how this relates to your music marketing since... Most music artists spend the majority of their time, money, and energy unconsciously trying to convert the "atheists" of their music and message. They even... Have an emotional attachment to what the "non-believers" think of them as they search for external validation. Once they think they have it... They feel they can finally get their music out there in a bigger way. The truth is.... The only real validation comes from inside you. So rather than trying so hard to prove yourself or keep changing your music and branding to please everyone...

Learn more about Tiamo: Click Here If people don't like your music or your message, let it go peacefully.

Music and Religion
Instead, focus your energy, resources, and time on the "believers"

and the "agnostics" of what you offer. The thing is... Your marketing doesn't speak to your "atheists" anyway. But, the "agnostics" are at the tipping point of what you offer and the "believers" are the ones who will proudly spread your music all over the world. So... Take care of your "believers" and treat them extra special. Too often, I coach music artists who are neglecting their "believers" and de-valuing how powerful they really are.

And what about your "agnostics"?

They can become believers if your music is the right fit for them with a little nudge. They may even become your biggest fans! In fact... I've been to live gigs and felt indifferent about a band...until they did something unique or awesome that made me cross-over. Then, I loved them and told my friends! So... In your marketing, your performing, and how you run your music business, focus on those who will gladly carry your torch. Your fans are hungry to share you with the world if you just gave them more opportunity to! If you haven't connected with your fans in a while, I hope this will get you re-inspired. They've been waiting for you, and your new fans are just as eager too! Tired of no one showing up at your gigs?                                                   Change That: simply Click Here

Music and Religion Share the Light P.S. When I stopped trying to convince people that my music was good,

I just owned it and my fans migrated to me. Open your arms to them by fully embracing your music first! Thanks Tiamo excellent advice. More on Tiamo click here

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