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Wild River Grille Downtown Reno NV

Wild River Grille Music

wild river grille music

wild river grille music   Other than my own original type music, the one type I love to play and sing more than any other type is, "Sinatra Type Jazz," or what is commonly called in my world, "standards.Wild River Grille Music Frank Sinatra and many others of his generation preformed at the Riverside Hotel. Of course there is a time and place for different types of music and every person will have a opinion as to what is appropriate for them, but I love to play music at high end restaurants, cause you can really call a lot of standards. Sooner or later you will have requests for something different, "Do you know any Eagles? Do you know any Jimmy Buffet? Can you sing Happy Birthday? Nothing against those artist and or songs, and I happy to preform their tunes, but I really prefer playing standards or mostly my own compositions. wild river grille music The Wild River The Wild River Grille, downtown Reno, is a place where I can do a lot of standards. I work with some of the best keyboard players around and we take a lot of requests. Variety and fun is key so we always mix in some classic rock, like the Beatles, Stones, Van Morrison etc. and some Haggard, Cash, Hank Williams type country music, especially if they are requested and we happen to know them. Sometimes we don't really, but if we know enough, we will make an attempt.

I am big fan of Downtown Reno. I have been since my first visit in the early 70s. Thirty-five years in Northern Nevada has never really decreased my love of the place, except I don't visit the "Biggest Little City Arch over South Virginia St. as often. Wild River Grille Music On the left is the Riverside Hotel, looking across the Truckee River, just a little south of the downtown casinos. Where the Truckee River intersects with S. Virginia Street, is where the Wild River Grille is located. It was once the historic Riverside Hotel and is the now the site for the Sierra Arts Foundation I'm not a restaurant critic so I won't write about how great the food and service is at this place, I'll let you find out for yourself. What I want to talk about is the summer music series. The Wild River has live music seven nights a week during the summer months. It even extends out into the fall on weekends and other occasions. So, here you are sitting next to the Truckee River at a great restaurant listening to some of the best artist in Reno on a nightly basis. It is simply a wonderful little escape and a great place to take a date. The music is diverse. Jazz, Blues, Originals, etc. Their website is well maintained and you can see who is preforming there on a nightly basis. The music is mostly outdoors in the summer when the weather is just cooling down so check the website for the other seasons. If you are a local, and you like a particular artist, you can look to see what night they are there on the website as many of the artist return two or three times a month. Sometimes there is a gathering of people walking down the river walk who don't want to stop in, they simply become music hobos and sit outside the restaurant and listen to the tunes.

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Wild River Grille Music

You are gonna love this restaurant. A top line chef will prepare for you a  memorable meal, the bartender will pour the libation of your choice, the service is prompt and professional and the comfortable decibal level and talent of the musicians tastily licks, makes a visit to the Wild River one of the best you will experience in Reno. You'll love it. How do I know? Well, I go there two or three times a month to perform and I have worked many years in restaurants as a waiter and bartender. Not only have I observed the professionalism of the place, the owner is generous enough to include a  meal and a fews drinks when I perform, so by now I have been through quite a few apps and entrees. I assure you I have been totally impressed by all of them. Stop on by, and if possible, make it on a night when I preform. Love to see ya and say hey.

Wild River Grille Music

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