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My First Cowboy Poetry Elko (Part 2)

First Trip to Elko Cowboy Poetry - Part Two

First Trip to Elko Cowboy Poetry

Hwy 80 somewhere in Nevada. First Trip to Elko Cowboy Poetry

Sunday morning came quickly as it usually does when having a weekend of meeting new friends and jamming into the wee hours. The Rev. Buddy and I pack our things in the pickle, (my old Subaru) and started up the engine. Now the thing about Elko is, it can be seriously cold there in late January and this year was pretty bad. It was so cold.... how cold was it???? It was so cold, I saw a politician with his hands in his own pocket. After starting the pickle, she started steaming and sputtering and doing other things that kind of made the trip home look way! Of course it was Sunday and in those days, auto part stores in Elko, didn't open. Our options looked pretty bleak, as it was cold, like cold, we didn't have our nice warm rooms comped anymore as our gig was over, not a lot of money as we were to get paid later, and the pickle was not doing good, so what could we do...... We thought we take the chance of hitting road, even with the pickle steaming out the front and see if we could make it to the next town and prayed an auto parts store was open. Next town was like a hour or something...West Carlin? Then Carlin. Chances of a parts store being open in West 0...chances of West Carlin having a parts store??? like 0. Still we endeavored to persevere with thoughts of two frozen carcasses lying in the desert somewhere slightly west of West Carlin.First Elko Cowboy Poetery   


Well I'm not a car person, but it seems that a 4 cylinder engine doesn't take a lot to keep cool. Once the pickle was up to running speed, like 55 or so, it stopped steaming and was running pretty good, Armed with some pretty good gas milage, and a full tank of gas we were soon speeding past, West Carlin, and the Carlin with Battle Mountain next. Of course our windows had to be open to prevent the front windshield from fogging up. Hwy 80 Nevada                       First Elko Cowboy Poetery

Lots of desert  We had a pretty good idea that our luck wouldn't last. Good news was...seemed like we weren't going to be discovered frozen on the side of Hwy 80, but at some point we were going to need more gas. We found an open gas station in Battle Mountain, pulled in... and as we pulled in, the pickle started spitting steam from under the engine which went onto the windshield to freeze and hinder our progress, but we soon docked in the parking lot and let the engine cool down before filling it with gas to continue. Fortunatly the middle of Nevada has some fine casinos and eating establishments, so off to the diner. hwy806                                                                                  After about 45 minutes we went back to the pickle to see if she would start and sure enough it wouldn't. Sometimes small things make the difference, and this time it was true, the Subaru had a manual transmission, and it's light, so a little push, pop the clutch, and shazam, shazam it starts! If you like my stories and would like to hear more:

Over to the water, fill the radiator, get a tank of gas, on the road again. hwy803 Now, we had a system. Drive until the gas got low, pull into a gas station, get something to drink or eat while the pickle cooled down, fill the radiator with water, push the pickle, pop the clutch, fill with gas, on the road again, wash rinse and repeat.First Elko Cowboy Poetry Mt Rose Hwy, between Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe, NVFirst Elko Cowboy Poetry Sweet Home Lake Tahoe[/caption] Sometime that evening, we passed through Reno and headed up the Mt. Rose Hwy, and landed safely, slightly frozen but back home at sweet home Lake Tahoe.   I went to a lot of Elko Cowboy Poetry Gatherings over the years, however I haven't returned for quite some time. Times change, however, maybe this year. I do know that if you are looking for a totally unique experience, you'll find it in Elko, in the middle of winter. Maybe the best part is, even if you are a drug store, weekend or maybe even a once a year cowboy, you can "Cowboy Up" with some Wrangler Jeans, polish up your boots and dust off your vest and hat,cowboyhat hear some poetic po-tree, hear some great old and some new Western Music (not country) and live "The Cowboy Way!" Just be prepared to hear from your friends and family the question, "Where, Why? when you tell them you're canceling your trip to Hawaii this year, to go to Elko in January? Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering Info, Click Here Like me on Facebook: Click Here 

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