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Gangsta' Rap to Jazz

Gangsta' Rap to Jazz

 I write songs and sing covers. The covers I sing are mostly Jazz and Beatles, James Taylor type material. Some might call it, "Easy Listening," others might even go as far as calling it "Elevator Music." Whatever, title you want to classify my music as, it certainly not rap.manilow No, no Manilow, not that bad of a show.   A few weeks ago on a Friday night, I did a gig at a new venue. There is alway a little apprehension with any gig and a little more with a new venue. I'm kind of an early freak. I'm such a worrier, I love to arrive early and get set up and twist a few knob on my sound system, tune my guitar etc. Upon arrival to my gig, I notice a lot of cars parked outside and I thought, my Facebook Post about being there really paid off, or more likely there is some kind of special event going on. I kind of figured....special event is more likely so before I stared bring my sound equipment in I decided to have a beer and see what's going on as I was an hour early anyway. Inside there was a group of women having a meeting about losing weight and a smaller group of   younger men drinking beer. I sat around to get a feel for the room, wait truth, I sat around as some of the women there were really hot. I found a spot between the meeting and the bar, so I got to hear what was going on in both worlds, either of which really cared to much about the other world.   bar As a saloon singer, this is my view, not always, but sometimes.  My hope was that when I started my gig the women would stay and tell me how much they loved me and my music and the younger guys would leave, however, after short analyzation I computed the odds of this as zero to minus 100. Nope, when I started the women's meeting was gonna leave and I was gonna play single guitar, vocals to a few young guys who probably wouldn't recognize any of my material. Some people say, be careful of what you project into the future as it will come true. Well.... I got set up and about 95% of the women hit the door and then the juke box started blasting, like Slim Shady or something. The speaker was really loud behind me, much louder then I would ever consider playing, and the F-Bomb was being dropped about every four worlds. Between the F-boms were, the words, bitch, stupid ass bitch, ho, big dick and cock. I don't listen to Rap, am I to assume that being PC is not part of there genre? This is not a judgement on Rap or any type of music, because, I figure if that was the music I grew up on and liked, I be listening to it too. What this a story about the fear of being...out of your element. For a moment, I thought, I better grab and crap and head home, but the word, "make the money" kept repeating in my head.   Joe Drunkb photo   So, I set up and got out my acoustic guitar and mike and played a bluesy version of Sinatra's "That's Life." and got a few hand claps. Then I figured I might be pushing my luck and just went into universally liked by millions, traditional Delta Blues, and Classic Country. Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Merle Haggard, Johnny the rescue.                                                             merle Merle  

Shortly after that I was getting unexpected applause, and my tip jar was filling up. Ended up being an awesome night, with a fairly full tip jar, my pay and a good feeling in my heart. The best part of the night was packing up my equipment. The juke box started blasting again as I was enlighten to a song...two guys singing about how one's dick was bigger then the other. Awesome

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