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Feather River Hot Springs

The Shower 

The Shower

Feather River Hot Springs

The Shower.                                                                                                                                                                                  I’m been in a lot of showers in my life.                                                                                                                                          

Not bragging, just a fact. Most of them really never stand out in my mind, but there are exceptions and the one just outside of Quincy CA in a resort called “The Feather River Resort is one. My yesterday favorite is a shower I saw in Lake Tahoe. It something that I would have really liked to experience but I was working as a house painter and didn’t get a chance to use it. From the shower you could look down about 2,000 feet and get a full view of Lake Tahoe. Not just a window to gaze out of while doing your morning necessities, a full size glass window from floor to ceiling. What a way to start your morning. No view of Tahoe, but my perception of a really great shower all changed this year. I was invited to do a music show at Feather River Hot Springs.The Shower

I was contacted by my friend, harmonica guru, blues singer and guitar-man, Bobby Joe Hollman telling me of a gig at a RV resort outside of Quincy CA. In addition to getting paid, the free beer and accommodations made the gig very attractive. Our contact was Rocki, who we met in Quincy. A short Ponderosa pine filled drive through the Feather River Canyon, and we were at the resort. [captiFeather River Hot Springs                                                                                       

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The grounds and buildings gave off an immediate feeling of welcome. The venerable cabins were well keep. My room had an inviting comforter on it's wooden bed for the cool fall evening., Wooden dresser and table for the included morning coffee had a very warm attention to detail about them. There was a back door next to the bathroom. It went outside to what I expected to be a little deck, but no, it was the shower. My thinking isn’t as flowery as my writing so I remember thinking something like, “Like dude…dis is like so cool duuuuude.” Rocki then gave us the tour of the grounds.  Down a short hill, we found a few folks in bathing gear enjoying the comfort of the springs while watching the river flow. Featherriver2 The Shower Watching the River Flow. We enjoyed a beer at the small bar we were to preform in and decided it was time to set up. I grabbed my music gear and met Bobby Joe.  It was a very intimate setting for music. We did a short sound check while people started to come in.  The gig itself went well as the audience was  very attentive. As the show continued, we were happily joined by a few local musicians including Barny, Ken and Lance.  After the show, there was the usual chatter. People expressed to Rocki, what a wonderful experience it was to enjoy a show at The Feather River Resort and when she added more shows to her schedule, there were sure to return. [caption id="attachment_1509" align="alignnone" width="239"]The Shower The Bar at Feather River Hot Springs.

The morning arrived soon enough and I was only slightly sluggish from the previous nights maneuvers, The warmth of the comforter made it difficult to get up as the fall morning was chilly.  I almost never sleep with the heat on so even the thought of walking the 6 steps to the coffee maker wasn’t getting me moving. What did? Oh yea, the shower. Ok, coffee, out door shower. Now, I moving. With coffee in hand, I went out into the cold morning air for my shower. The Shower 


I was surrounded by the green of the tall ponderosa pines.  The birds were singing while the river flowed. I joyously watched steam pour out of my mouth from the brisk air while the hot water kept me warm. [the shower Fall colors bring a little joy.IMG_0835

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 Just for a second I thought I saw a deer pop it’s head around an oak whose leaves had turned fall red, while a hoot owl and a peacock joined in the singing in perfect harmony...ok, maybe I saw to many Disney cartoons as a kid. You probably get the picture without the embellishments. Back in reality, I need to say, "The Feather River Resort is a great little get away for a weekend or maybe even an extended stay." Maybe the best part of the resort is Rocki’s welcoming attitude and the love she puts into her establishmentl. I promise you this is a sweet little section of the planet that you will remember fondly for years. Only one thing, don’t be like me and just bring your guitar, bring a date, as it can be extremely romantic. I should show a picture of the shower, but I'm gonna leave that for you to discover on your own. In the winter the resort is closed, but spring and summer are closer then you think., Make your plans now and call Rocki, at the  Feather River Hot Springs.


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