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Chatom Vineyards Gig

Chatom Vineyards Gig

Chatom Vineyards Gig


Love Chatom Wines[/caption] My Chatom Vineyards gig. Between Angel's Camp and Murphys California on Hwy 4 if you keep your eyes on the right side going up hill or on the left going downhill, you might notice a sign saying Chatom Vineyards. I have visited and revisited wineries all over the state of California and I have to admit Chatom is one of my all time favorites. You might imagine how excited I was when I booked a gig amongst the wine barrels, surrounded by the smells and coolness of the winery... enticed by the taste of wine pairings and an opportunity to play my guitar to people who simply, enjoy life. Chatom Vineyards has the type of wines that keep conversations lively with words like, bold, full, great legs, and of course the classic, "I really like this one." The tasting room is warm with little snacks to enjoy between wines, and eye catching little gifts to keep any tea toddler or designated driver amused while the lucky tasters discover the complexities of the assorted varietals. chatom 2

The grounds are simply there for your enjoyment. Flowers, plants, picnic tables and chairs, stone walls and statues all conspire to make your visit...well...relaxing. The Murhpys California area has quite a few wineries, I know, I visited quite a few of them. They all have unique features and tasty tasting rooms with little surprises in each sip, visit them all if you can. If for some reason you can't visit every winery in Murhpys on a wine tasting afternoon, well, there are limits to wine tasting and I'm sure you know what they are, I say.... stop at Chatom first... they do not disappoint.

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