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In the last few weeks I've had a couple of good things happen to me and my music.
I entered a songwriter contest at the Reno Gazette Journal and was thrilled to find out I didn't win, but I did place. 
Well, I posted a few things on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and where ever else I could think of and sent out an email to my newsletter list. 
Shortly after that my original song, "Lucy (you got some splanin') went over 50,000 hits on YouTube. 
I posted on every social media I could think of because I was excited. Not that it's a great deal, but I read somewhere that a person needs to celebrate wins no matter how small or large. 
Get to the point! 
Well, quite a few people click the like button on my posts on Facebook and I want to thank you. 
I especially want to thank the people who share my music to their own page. 
I put a lot of time and effort into my music and I admit I do it cause I love it. However, I must say, sometimes it can be very frustrating and there can be a lot of "What the hell am I doing this for."


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