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Dj's Radio that play my music

Thanks Djs that play my music


It is so great when a indie gets play on radio. 

Because of that I want to list DJ's and the stations that play my music. 



Chuck Dunn Tahoe Truckee Radio.                                                                                  

Chuck is a great friend who since 2014 has played one of my Christmas songs on his Christmas show every year. 

Dondo @ the Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot.                                                                                                                                 

A tasty musical stew of insurgent Americana, folk, bluegrass, singer-songwriters, twang, spoken word, humor....known as The Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot!                             

Jimbo's Juke Joint and Acoustic Roadhouse Cafe

Jimbo's Juke Joint & Acoustic Roadhouse is a tasty mix of country fried folk, eclectic old-timey and new acoustic Americana, indescribable bluegrass (JimboGrass) combined with an assortment of singer-songwriters, blues, ukes, accordions, melodica's and beyond way cool instrumentals. For the appreciative listener & beyond!!


NV89 is Nevada Public Radio’s music discovery channel broadcast on 89.1FM in Reno and 100.5 Carson City. We are champions of emerging artists and local musicians who will be the stars of tomorrow, as well as established artists with a history of creating compelling music from recent years. NV89 exclusively features NPR’s World Café and VuHaus to keep connected with national musical tastemakers.

Special thanks to morning Dj Malayna JoyMalayna Joy who found one of my songs, "My Yesterday is Gone" played it and contacted me that she had played it. I then sent her "Lucy (you got some splanin') and she put on to the stations play list. Awesome. 

X Radio Reno Local Reno Radio who has played, "My Yesterday is Gone." Thanks so much.

DJ's that play my music


It is so great when a indie gets play on radio. 

Because of that I want to list DJ's and the stations that play my music. 

Do you Know of Radio Dj's that might play my music?



If might now of any DJ's that might play my music, let them know or, email me and I will contact them.


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