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When My Someday Comes Along

When My Someday Comes Along Post

My Latest CD, "When My Someday Comes Along" has a lot of fun tunes on it. The most popular so far is "Lucy (you got some splanin')." It's pretty fun, with latin jazz, country, pop reggae, a few pop rock tunes. When My Someday Comes Along Post    When My Someday Comes Along Post

  1. Share the Light
  2. Bacon
  3. When My Someday Comes Along
  4. I Feel Your Heartbeat
  5. The Doublewide Song
  6. Sure was Fun
  7. Rain in my Heart
  8. Where Frogs Have Wings
  9. Lucy (you got some splanin')
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Apparently
  12. Now and Then
  13. Falling

When My Someday Comes Along Post I love to write songs and getting this album finished was like a dream. My friend and co-musician Peter Supersano and I were going to record some jazz standards to upload unto my webpage as a way to book gigs. While we were doing that we started talking about doing some original tunes. I told him that I have enough material for 2 or three albums right now and he said, he wanted to learn how to record on his new recording equipment. So, off we went. The project was a huge learning experience for both of us. Peter learning how to record and I learned a bunch about singing. I want to thank Peter on this page for his love of music, his awesome keyboard talent and mostly in his belief that this project would be fun and successful. Thank you Peter. I also would like to thank Pat Esters, for her great background vocals. She really brings a ton of energy into her performance. Basically we told her what we were wanting and she really over delivered. Thank you Pat. Thanks to The Rev. B. Wright for musical and spiritual uplifting for me for the many years of music we have done together, plus some key background vocals. Paul January is a busy man, but he is the person I wanted for the solo in "Lucy (you got some splaying') Thank you for your talent and you time. Mostly I want to thank my family who always believe in me. Original music requires family and friends supply me that everyday. 1."Share the Light" is an upbeat gospel type song with a positive message of letting your light shine. 2."Bacon" is a fun New Orleans style blues double entendre tune about a man pining for more bacon. 3."When My Someday Comes Along" is a fun dance reggae type tune about someday. 4."I Feel Your Heartbeat" is a upbeat latin jazz tune that tells the story of lost love. 5."The Doublewide Song" is a classic country song about a man who goes through a divorce. 6."Sure was Fun" Kind of takes place in the hippie era of the late 60s. 7."Rain in My Heart" awesome gospel feel with some of my favorite lyrics. 8"Where Frogs Have Wings" Charming song with a reggae lite feel 9."Lucy (you got some spainnin') Cubano latin jazz feel with words dedicated to the great TV show, "I Love Lucy." 10."Wish You Were Here" Got it all in this one, pickup trucks, whiskey, saloons, love and more, love this tune. 11"Apparently" Rock feel, man losses woman,,,stick around for the surprise end. 12"Now and Then" Rock Pop Feel, Funny how memories pop up from time to time. 13"Falling" Beautiful love ballad about a man falling in love and not knowing. I am very proud to have written ever song on this Cd. I love them all and I hope you do too. Alex muddy Smith

Also on this Cd are some great Reno musicians, including

  1. Peter Supersano Keys and all Tracks
  2. Pat Esters Background vocals.
  3. Buddy Wright Background Vocals.
  4. Paul January Trumpet
  5. Alex muddy Smith Guitar and Vocals

Here some other sites to visit of mine. Why not stop by and say hey. Like me on FB Click Here Most of my recorded tunes are on Youtube and new ones are being added. Plus some other cool stuff, like my Rv life and Music Marketing and travel info. Stop by, you dig it. Subcribe to my Youtube Channel, Click Here Love to hear and respond to comments, below. Share the Light.

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