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Weekend Cowboy (CD)

Weekend Cowboy




Weekend Cowboy

  1. Cowboy Gets the Blues
  2. Elvis is Dead
  3. I like your wife
  4. Field Sobriety Test Blues
  5. That Belongs to You
  6. Why'd Ya Make One Man Miserable
  7. Lorrainna
  8. James Brown Yodel
  9. Weekend Cowboy
  10. Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her

This CD is my first endeavor into recording a cd. It was recorded at an older recording studio in Reno, NV completely in analog.

It was kind of a chance meeting with a person that ran the recording studio and me. He was looking for song writers and he really like my tunes. At the time, I was into Western Music that I revisited in the late 80s by attending the National Cowboy Poetry in Elko NV. I also was attending college and studying jazz and jazz guitar, so my thinking back then was some artist mix jazz with rock and they created Jazz Fusion. I think I mix Country Music with Rock Music and I created what I call Con-fusion. Sorry. Also on this Cd are some great Reno musicians, including

  1. Ed Corey lead guitar
  2. Buddy Wright on Bass Guitar and Vocals.
  3. Kevin Bailey on Dobro.
  4. Sherman Crivello on Drums
  5. Rick O'Neill on Bass
  6. Lots of folks on back ground vocals on "I Like Your Wife."

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