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Santa's Still #1


Santa's Still # 1



Santa's Still #1 Story

Santa's Still #1

Blow that Thang, Santa

I'm not really sure how this tune came about. I do remember a few bits and pieces. Strangely, it had something to do with politics as sometimes I drink a little to much coffee and listen to political shows that really get my emotions to work a little harder then normal. Now a natural reaction would be, "What possibly could be the connection between coffee, politics and Santa?" I attempt to explain.

Seems I was thinking about religion, although I'm not much of a religious person. Mostly I was thinking about different Gods. Somehow, the thought of Jesus is still #1 popped into my mind. So, here I am writing this tune about Jesus and Allah, and some other Gods, and I was thinking like, My Jesus, Kick Your Jesus ass. or something along those lines. Let me make it clear, I sometimes have a weird perspective on things in general, and I totally cannot be responsible for my thinking as I'm not really sure from where it comes. It doesn't hurt that I love sarcasm.

Santa's Still #1 Rock on Santa


So here I am writing this satirical tune about Jesus, and his peers or what ever when it dawned on me, "This is terrible." I gotta chuck this tune, I love it, but I'm never gonna put it out. But then for some reason....I thought, "How would Santa handle this delema?" Santa....Santa....Santa... Santa???? Wait on it. Santa's Still #1 

I'll make this tune into a Christmas song and rather then my protagonist being, Jesus, my protagonist will be........  Santa!!! That's it!!!! I don't really think in terms of protagonist, but thought it might look like I'm smarter then I look. So the song became, "Santa's Still #1." Way better. Now.... hmmm... What is Santa better then.... to be Still #1 ofcourse, other holidayYou Jive Turkey, (expression from the 1970s)Thanksgiving....4th of July...not Memorial or Labor Day, now way. So Thanksgiving...Pumpin pie. 4th of July, Fireworks, right down the line. The song started writing itself. I did a home recording of this tune in 2014 right before Christmas and kind of told people about it, but it never went anywhere. The window of opportunities for Christmas tunes is short. Like Thanksgiving to Christmas, that' it.                                                                                                                  Santa's Still #1Peter Supersano, Keys and Recording 

The thing is Peter Supersano and I started recording my songs cheaply, but pretty professional, as what you can do nowadays with computers. We got the basic tune down is a few hours and had me playing guitar for the solo's and fills, but it kind of missed the Christmas grove that we wanted, so we added some Congas, and of course Christmas Bells, but not to much. Then I remembered... Santa's Still #1 Rocky Tatarelli Sax Guru.

My friend and Sax guru, Rocky Tatarelli had mentioned that if we had a project, where we needed his over the top skills, we were to call him. Well, I wasn't sure if we needed it, but I kind of trust my inner game and said to Peter, who put together all the tracks and played the great keys on this tune, how bout were call Rocky?   He said, "Sure." So we did. I didn't want to wait to long to finish the song, so I was hoping Rocky's would be free without a lot of time loss, as Christmas is on its way. He said, I can come over tonight. He had never heard the tune, but with one take he nailed it. We did a second take to make sure, but mostly we used the first take. Pete cleaned up the tune in record time and being it's a pretty easy song to sing, we went with the first take. Santa's Still #1 Rock on Santa 


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