Alex muddy Smith Homepage

Alex muddy Smith Homepage
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Hello, Muddy here.

Muddy’s home page

I’m a singer/songwriter from the Reno/Tahoe area who has preformed all over the West Coast.

I also have started a music coaching program for singers and musicians.

Find out how I can assist your venue, wedding, party, festival or house concert at: or 775-771-8751

Muddy, a 50 year veteran of the musical stage, has a passion and true talent for songwriting.

Mix that with an awesome singing style, solid guitar chops, humor and fantastic ability to connect with any audience and you have a memorable night of entertainment.

His writing style is completely diverse and upbeat with lyrics that cross over from dead serious to over the top funny. His latest album, “When My Someday Comes Along” is a mixture of Jazz, Gospel, Country, Latin Jazz, Pop and Reggae is his third completely original CD.

The song getting the most attention on youtube with over 40,000 hits is “Lucy (you got some spalnin’).” Lyrically it is a salute to the classic 50s sit-com, “I Love Lucy.” in a traditional Latin groove.

He continues to release new interesting and fun singles including a Sinatra style jazz piece called, “Your Kiss” and two new Christmas tunes. When enough singles have been recorded they will be produced as a cd.

My latest endeavors have lead me to be nominated for a Forte award in Reno

You can download all of his tunes free and become an official fan.  Click here:

Lucy (you got some splainin) hits on youtube:

Now over 43,000 hits.





Here the entire CD below.

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